Celina Tent Europe LTD - Who We Are

Celina Tent is opening the doors of a brand-new distribution center in the UK!

Celina Tent is opening the doors of a brand-new distribution center in the UK, stocking tents from Classic Pole and Frame styles to the more elegant Pinnacles, in addition to various items and services for use with tenting and events in general. Chairs, tables, and even custom-printed items are here for you!


Let us introduce ourselves. Hi – We’re Celina Tent!

We live in the small town of Celina, Ohio, USA – West enough in the country to be considered within the “mid-west,” an area full of farms. So much corn. As comes with being located in an area with so much surrounding land, we’ve been working with and developing tent materials and designs since the early ’90s. Most of the employees at our main manufacturing facility work in two shifts, trained on heat sealers, RF/HF (radio frequency/high frequency) welders, myriad sewing machines, quilters, and specialty fabrication machines. This is also the location of our printing facilities. We have solvent printers for creating images on vinyl and mesh, and dye-sublimation printers and heat presses for our polyester fabrics.

Bigger and Better – American Owned Facilities Abroad

Due to all the expansion we’ve gone through in the past few years, we opened up our own manufacturing center in China in 2011, dubbed Celina Tent Taicang Co., Ltd. The factory is wholly owned by us and fulfills a large portion of our standard tent fabric fabrication. We also have a staff located in the Philippines, helping us with our online chat service, engineering work, and various other projects.

Bigger and Better – US Expansion

We’re currently working on opening up a new warehouse and distribution center, which is going up right next to our manufacturing plant in Celina, Ohio (as opposed to being on town over, as it is now). Now all of our products can leave our factory location directly, saving on loading, transport, and unloading time in addition to maximizing the space we have for our specific needs. With so much increasing space and help from around the world we’re working on making all of our products accessible to anyone who wants them.

Celina Tent UK - We’re Here for You

Our 24/7 website gives you full access to over 200 products both landed and shipped from our main manufacturing center. With so many products and services to offer, you can’t go wrong! Order from us online at www.GetTent.co.uk, where you can also check out product and installation videos, download pdf versions of all of our manuals, or check out what’s new on our blog page. We’re here for you – so check us out!