Celina's Quick Shadows ... er ... Fast Shades!

Sorry about the name mix up – we’ve been super busy with spring prep for coming trade shows, fairs and expos. The hustle and bustle that accompanies every installation can be daunting as the time adds up for preparations. Which is what makes the Fast Shade so appealing; they’re easy to move from place to place, quick to install, and just as easy to pack down for the next event! Investing in a Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy eliminates any hassles at your canopy site.


Each Fast Shade comes with a roller bag, with has two compartments. The largest area houses the collapsed canopy frame, with a smaller pouch on the front of the bag for the fabric top. Tops are stored separate from the frame to make sure that no damage comes to it from the folding process. Collapsed frames can pinch different areas of the fabric, and leaving the canopy on can make for more wear at corner locations which can rub or bump on objects when the Fast Shade is in the bag.

With the frame removed from the bag, it should be slightly pulled apart so that the top can be placed on it and secured at the corner hook and loop locations. Making sure the corners are connected and the peak patch is on the center mast of the frame at this point means that the frame can be pulled to the finished extended position without having to worry about the mast pushing up on the wrong part of the fabric. Also, since the frame adds tension to the top fabric the corners are nearly as difficult to install when done early.

After the top is in place, the frame is completely extended. Valance accordion sections connect to the frame corners and also to a sliding piece on each leg – this piece needs to be lifted at each leg until it snaps into place. This keeps the canopy from collapsing during use. Once this is complete, the legs need to be adjusted to the desired height and you’re finished!

Bespoke Printing

Canopy fabric used on Fast Shades is lightweight woven polyester to keep the overall system weight to a minimum.  As luck would have it, this material is also perfect to print on! Our latex printing allows us to make prints perfect for canopies to catch the eye of most event attendees. You can brand your canopy with any logo, color scheme, or image that you want – as explained here, Celina can help you in fashioning the print you want, or  you can take the creative reins and make your own layout with one of our downloadable PDF templates (located near the bottom of each individual product page).

Most prints will last for two to three years with regular use, so long as the canopy fabric is properly cared for. As stated above, it is easier to protect the print if the canopy is removed from the frame before it is completely collapsed and placed in the bag.

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Orders can be placed here on our website, or you can call our Customer Service Managers at +44-115-794-0041.