Celina, Celina Tent, and Celina Industries: We’re Here for You

Now that we’ve been writing to you all for a while, Celina would like to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little better. Who are we, as a company? How do we know so much about tent construction, and what makes all of our products better? It can all be boiled down to 1 aspect: everyday innovation.

Divisions and Offshoots

Celina Tent Rental was the beginning of what would become the company that is now reaching across the ocean to offer our tent and event equipment. As we said in our introduction blog, we were a rental company in the 1990s that was getting tired of trying to find tent tops and hardware that was the level of quality we wanted to offer to customers. We developed a manufacturing division that, in time, out-weighed the rental portion in the amount of advancement we could achieve. We sold the rental company portion and went into pure manufacturing and distribution.

Continuing Growth

We didn’t stop there, though. Not by a long shot. With the development of manufacturing, it became more and more evident that we could take this same technology that we were working with and translate that level of quality to fabric in other fields. So many fabric products came under development that is was time to diversify – forming Celina Industries, a division of Celina Tent. With this new focus for a portion of our team, we had a cohesive base for creating quality agricultural barn curtains, industrial returnable packaging systems, many kinds of ducting, hanger curtains, and so much more.

This doesn’t mean we’ve moved away from the tent world at all – just as the initial foray into tent fabric production spurred movement into other quality products, the same process is happening in both directions. Not only design features, but factory processes, techniques, and innovation flow freely between our two main production entities and continue our established tradition of hand-in-hand improvement.

Still Celina Tent

So what does this mean to you? First and foremost, it should be reassuring that the principles that got us to where we are– innovation, new technology, and lateral development – are still going strong in our daily business lives. Every new month presents new improvements to old designs, better production methods to speed our products to your doorstep, and more customer-oriented informational materials to make sure that your tent experience is the very best that it can be.

Serving the automotive, agriculture, and standard industrial markets keep us up to date and more in touch with our customer base. And with more exciting additions and modifications to the Celina Tent collection of tent and event items, we hope to be your choice for all of your tent needs! Keep up with this blog and our main website, www.GetTent.co.uk, for continuing updates to our European Catalog!