Canopies Across Genres: Celina's Humanitarian Shelters

Celina puts a lot of work into the design behind all of our products. During the development process, we try to make sure the structures are not only strong and secure, but also that the installation and assembly is easy enough. The ability for end users to quickly understand and install a structure becomes very important when we start talking about our line of Humanitarian Canopies.


It was a few years ago when Celina first began to develop our version of humanitarian shelters. Dubbed the Humanitarian General Purpose Tent System, we worked off of existing designs and our understanding of frame marquees to create an easy to assemble canopy system that fit storage and shelf space requirements. The end item was a 4.9 m (16’) square frame shelter with integrated roof and walls, attached floors, and mesh vents and windows to allow for adequate air flow.

Because these shelters are meant to be used by all, they’ve been created so that all of the materials are Berry Amendment compliant. The Berry Amendment is a piece of legislation that requires all products sold to or used by the military to be created in the US with US-made materials. Because of our ability to source the proper base materials for these shelters, we are able to supply them to military-led operations for aid.

A Current Standard

The design of the HGPTS was first contracted in 2006 to fill stock on humanitarian emergency shelters, which were used during the tsunami in American Samoa in 2011. This contract to create shelters is now in its third renewal, allowing Celina to supply high quality shelters where they’re needed the most.

With the many different expansions that Celina has undergone in recent years, we’ve kept the idea of a surge capacity workshop in the forefront of our building layouts. This means that workshop equipment and clear space is designated for use in the event that structures, such as the HGPTS, can be created quickly with very little notice. Even when production is ramped up, quality control efforts require multiple inspections to be sure that the shelter is at the highest peak of quality.

Like all Celina products, improvements are constantly made to make our shelters stronger, easier to assemble, and more economical for our customers. This ensures top-quality aid no matter where the shelters are used.

*   *   *

As part of our company strategy, Celina is constantly on the lookout to better not only our commercial business practices, but the world around us as a whole. From our various lines of economical and high quality humanitarian aid canopies to our general use tarpaulins, Celina is dedicated to betterment at home and abroad.