Building you the Best Tent Frame We Can - Piece by Piece

The life of your tent is important to us.

Tenting spans so many different topics, from tent designs and site inspection to proper staking and event accessories. It can be difficult to keep up with it all! At Celina Tent, we are trying our best to take care of the details – down to each and every fitting. For our Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents, this means finding the highest quality, longest-lasting fittings that are economical and user-friendly.

Pinnacle Tent Features

Pinnacle Series Frame Tents go together in the same manner as most tent frames; the solid, die-cast fittings connect the tubing that makes up the legs and the beams across the top of the tent. Each of our Pinnacle Series Frame Tent Fittings is made from solid aluminum to lend your tent all of the following features:

  • Cast aluminum is extremely resistant to wear – the added effect of which is a long and useful product life.

  • The same metal through and through – meaning all of your pieces will match, creating a great-looking frame.

  • Lighter weight makes transportation a breeze – less weight makes for an easier installation, simpler transportation from place to place, and safer storage when not in use.

  • Die Casting for dependability – when die cast, the finished piece is a support of strength, giving dependable service for years.

The Need for Strength

Celina’s Pinnacle Tents are held together through the cross-cable system. This is where metal cables run from corner to corner across the inside of the tent, providing the tension that keeps all of the pieces of the frame together. When you look at the corner fitting on the Pinnacle, it becomes quite clear just how important the strength of the fitting is! All of the pull keeping the tent together (and keeping you and your guests safe) is focused on individual hooks that are part of the corner fittings.

How It Works

The cables on the tent run hook to hook, and pull the entire perimeter tubing together. This allows for the addition of the center pole – even more pressure on the cables, and those corner hooks! The legs are then added and the tent top is strapped to the fittings at the bottom of each leg. The tent top, which is pressing down on the center pole already, is tightened to the feet on the legs with even more tension – all running back to those important center cables and the corner fittings. Which is why it is vital to have high-quality parts in every tent.

With so much riding on your fittings, we know you’ll feel better knowing that the Pinnacle Fittings from Celina have gone through test after test to make sure you’re getting the sturdiest and safest tent fittings we can offer. Check out more on our fittings, not to mention entire tents, online at We’re here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have!