Building Up for Trade Shows - Investment Strategies

There are many products that Celina Tent offers that allow you to design the customized artwork they show off. Great as they all are for a complete promotional showcase, we also understand that due to circumstances such as just starting your endeavor or needing to invest in other avenues you may not be able to get them all at once. Luckily, we’ve decided to rate our most popular items to help you choose the set up that is right for you, no matter what level of marketing you’re starting at!

* * * * *

Fast Shades

The Fast Shade Canopy is created to ensure that the best print possible is created on the longest-lasting fabric we can source. Full-use (year-round) tops can last upwards of 5 years or more and still look great so long as they are properly cared for. Gentle cleaning, appropriate drying times, and making sure to remove the top from the framework before storage all lend a hand toward keeping the fabric pristine and perfect for the next show or fair.

Due to the cost, the necessity of installation room and set up time we consider a Fast Shade Canopy to be a moderate-level investment. Maybe start out with smaller items until sales at your installation really start to take off.

Investment Rating: Let’s see where this goes ….

Table Covers

Through the magic of dye sublimation printing, the inks and art that make up your cover are permanently embedded into the fabric. This means that cleaning – most notably machine washing – is simplified as there is no need to protect the print nearly as much as other printing styles. While there is still the danger of over-washing and causing fading, or accidentally adding bleach to the mix and erasing the ink completely, standard scrubbing and spot cleaning are made much easier.

Invested in a custom Table Cover is a low-level investment and the easiest to incorporate into any kind of product display. No table? Use it as a banner or backdrop!

Investment Rating: Go for it!

Rail Skirts

The ostentatious sidewall’s sibling, Rail Skirts are essentially half-walls that are supported with additional hardware that connects to the legs on a Fast Shade Canopy. Great to creating service window areas or outlining your space to direct traffic, the fabric portion of the rail skirt can be printed with the same wide range of imagery and branding as canopies, sidewalls and table covers.

While small enough to count as a low-level investment monetarily, there is the requirement that you have to have a Fast Shade Canopy in order to use them. They also present additional hardware which will need to be carried in separately when you go to begin your installation.

Investment Rating: Icing on the cake – make sure you have the cake.


Versatile. Pretty. Flappy. A printed flag is at home both indoors and out through the engagement of the different types of anchors and stands available. Shapes and sizes can vary, but all serve to catch the attention of guests and direct them to your location. Celina Tent even offers stock imagery for flags in case your branding doesn’t quite lend itself to the flag shape.

While great looking in both environments, the different attachments that change between each location can take up storage room (though not too much) and you will need to make sure to grab the correct stand prior to leaving for your event. This not only includes picking the stand type but also noting any weather conditions that might affect the flag itself, maybe requiring additional weights or stronger bases.

Investment Rating: If the mood strikes, have at it.

* * * * *

Hopefully, over time you can build upon your existing trade show paraphernalia and create the perfect installation for your event! Need more advice on setting up for your next venue? Give us a call at 44-115-794-0041 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’re here to help you!