Best Canopy Choices for Outdoor Markets

We’re knee-deep in festival season! Whether you’re setting up to sell produce and wares or providing services at any style of outdoor event, your choice of the canopy will greatly affect both you and your guests’ experience. From size to shape to accessibility, your canopy can make or break your installation. What factors should you be considering?


Every canopy site isn’t made the same. Making sure your canopy fits within the footprint is paramount, which is why the Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy series is available in sizes perfect for individual stall creation. Each Fast Shade is 3 meters wide and can be purchased in lengths of 3 meters, 4.6 meters, and 6 meters. For larger needs, the Presto Series Pole Canopy begins at 6 meters wide, in lengths of 6 meters, 9 meters, and 12.2 meters.

Selling a juicy apple or ripe pear is dependent on one produce aspect – appearance. In case you’re trying to show your offering in the best light, it might be a good choice to make sure your canopy doesn’t alter the light shining on your tables. Colored fabrics and printed tops will alter the light and possible give a blue, green or red tint to whatever you have displayed. On the other hand, branding your canopy makes it easy for event guests to know exactly the service you provide. It’s up to you to decide whether a slight discoloring aura will in any way detract from your business strategy.


As you move your canopy from site to site, how much are you willing to carry? Make sure that your canopy is light enough to not become more of a hassle than you’ve prepared for. Using a Presto Series Canopy tends to be a choice for longer stays, as all of the fabric and hardware is contained separately and must be carried in a series of bags and containers. The length of the installation makes the effort of transporting multiple bags worth the time it takes.

Using a Fast Shade won’t give you as large a footprint as a Presto Canopy, but they are easier to convey from place to place. The Fast Shade comes with a Roller Bag, which contains both the canopy frame and fabric top, and is equipped with wheels at the base to allow for simple transportation.


Feeling a little drab with just a canopy? Spruce it up! With the addition of something as simple as sidewalls, you can adjust the feel of your canopy and create directional spaces to help with customer flow and control.


Nothing keeps the crowd organized like a good fabric sidewall. In addition to keeping your area out of your neighbor’s space, walls are also great for creating a backdrop for display areas. Canopy corners with walls to either side let you create taller stacks or help shelving units feel like they fit into space better and keep passers-by from knocking into larger display items. If you are looking at more of a serving area than a walking space, adding a rail skirt or “half wall” to your installation gives you the perfect service area customers can come up to while making sure they don’t cross into work or food prep areas.


Not every sales area is the same, and it is immensely helpful for customers to be given a clear view of item organization, pricing, and other information specific to your stall. Banners can be crafted to hang from the canopy or be installed nearby, clearly delineating your wares or services.

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