Become a Master of Stacking!

Celina Tent has a track record of finding new and innovative ways to solve the day-to-day issues that plague our industry. Want sidewalls from one company but have a tent from another? We’ll design common-use sidewalls for use with all brands! Want tables for your event? We’ll stock the most popular sizes and shapes, and offer leg sets so you can even design your own! The list goes on.

We encountered a more unique problem as we launched our UK distribution center – shipping. In the US, the most common form of large-scale shipping comes in the form of rear-load semi-truck trailers. In these are loaded all of our merchandise which are secured to wooden pallets for safe shipping. And while the shipping is very safe, it also takes up an awful lot of room.

Upon arrival, we found that the common side-loaded trucks used across the sea were in no way compatible with the packaging style we were used to. To remedy this, Celina Tent came up with a brand new product, which we dubbed the Stack Master 2200.

Oohs and Aahs

This new stackable rack was made by combining three main attributes:

  1. Side Loading (and smaller space)

    The Stack Master is made to be able to lift and pull out of the sides of trucks. The rack base is lifted on feet to allow access underneath from any side, making it more adaptable than a single-directional wooden skid. They are also made to take up less room overall, allowing a slight amount of poles or tubing to extend past the rack frame.

  2. Use by Hand

    The long wooden pallets that are used to hold tent poles and tubing are longer than the standard square pallet for industrial use. This makes them hard to handle when you don’t have a pallet/lift jack or forklift hand. With the Stack Master 2200, the corner supports detach from the base for easy handling without additional equipment to move it from place to place. Especially useful if you aren’t a full-fledged rental service, the product can be unloaded, the rack moved to the storage area and reassembled, and everything stored away.


  3. Vertical Space Adjustment
    Wooden pallets are great for making a single layer of product, but are not very often used to stack on top of one another. Items that are packed would need to have a very flat top and be structurally strong enough to support the next set of product.


    With the Stack Master 2200, the corner supports also act as a framework that can be extended upward, with the foot caps of the top rack nestling onto the tops of the corners of the rack below. None of the product is used as a support for additional items, protecting the shipment. This also allows the truck to utilize the space above a single rack for greater efficiency.


Stacking Up

Most large orders filled by Celina Tent will come with a Stack Master 2200, so long as the order includes large items that necessitate its use. This is added to your order at no additional charge, as a service to our shipping carriers and to make both moving and storing tent items easier for our customers. If you like the look of the racks and simply want a few for storing tents, tables, or whatever other items you have, the Stack Master is now available for separate purchase!

Contact our sales department by calling 0115 794 0041, or simply search our website to find and order the Stack Master today!