Adding to Fast Shades for the Perfect Set Up

You’ve taken the leap and ordered a bespoke Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy. Congratulations! As you begin to plan all of the fantastic events you’ll be attending, why not take a moment to think about bespoke additions to your canopy. Items you can add to Fast Shades can all be printed to match your canopy fabric design. Whether you decide to create your combined motif yourself or send images and logos to our graphics team and let them lay out your artwork, Celina is here to help you create the best canopy and accessory combo.


Not much can catch passers-by like a brightly colored waving flag. When matched to the canopy’s design it forms a put together, cohesive looking unit for your advertising campaign. Flags need not be free-standing. Using either the Fast Shade Flag Clamp or the Fast Shade Flag Mount, any of our flags can be attached directly to the canopy frame! This gives you added height to the flag and further ties together your canopy decoration.

The difference between the two attachment methods is the amount of security – the Fast Shade Flag Clamp has a single wrap-around clamp, which is sufficient for smaller-sized flags. Fast Shade Leg Mounts have a second wrap-around clamp to double the stability of the flag. Larger feather flags are safer when attached using this mount, the extra clamp being able to handle more movement.

      Rail Skirts

Full walls not really your style? Rail Skirts, a half-wall of fabric that is attached to the frame at about waist level, can be printed to match your canopy fabric and create a coherent scheme. This allows passers-by to see within your canopy and lets your show off your wares or displays while still defining your tent space. Skirts are also great for service-oriented booths such as food vending, where transactions can be performed across the skirt while still keeping customers out of in sales and cooking areas.


Similar to the attachable walls that can enclose the entire canopy, a Backdrop is made for the express purpose of displaying the artwork toward the interior of the shelter. The hook fastener strip along the top switches sides to keep the rear of the wall facing back out of the canopy so that the beautiful artwork or logo is in full view from the canopy’s front and interior. Straps along the edges finish out the attachment methods; these wrap around the legs of the frame and make sure that the backdrop is wrinkle-free.

Once you’ve fully outfitted your Fast Shade, you’ll be ready to wow guests no matter where you’re setting up! Celina can be contacted by sending your artwork through our Uploads Page or messaging us by emails to [email protected]. You can also chat with us at +44 115-794-0041 – we’re here to help you!