A Run for your Tables

There is little that is more off-putting at an event than a scratched, scuffed, or stained table set up to display your wares. Good storage and transportation practices can minimize unsightly table conditions but sometimes there are just small dents and scratches that are unavoidable. Where does that leave your display? Possibly looking a little less than inviting. That’s where table covers come into play, along with the main topic of today’s blog: the Table Runner.

Table Runners are cloth covers that only extend from the front to the back of the table as you are looking at it from the side; it does not extend all the way to either end along the table long-ways. Printing using dye sublimation embeds the ink into the fabric fibers for an easily-cleanable cover.

Table Top Hassles

While we do offer several types of printed table covers, there are a few issues that can cause hesitation before purchase.

If you aren’t going to be bringing your own tables to events, the availability of table sizes can make it a hassle to carry your table cover in multiple sizes (yes, there are convertible table covers that cover two sizes, if that sounds more your style). Standardized to 1.2m, 1.8m, and 2.4m lengths, packing each cover for trestle tables in triplicate can start to eat into your trip-packing space which is already at a premium.

For more aesthetic-focused individuals, any desire to use other colors in your décor can be hampered by the fact that your standard printed table cover won’t be changing colors any time soon. By utilizing a table runner (which, admittedly, also stays the same color), you can mix-and-match your runner and various other table covers to fit with a wider variety of color schemes.

A Runner of its Own

Why stop at just additional décor? For smaller tables (like the pedestal table) and podium set ups, a table runner can act as the main covering, allowing you to display your logo easily by draping the runner off of the front. This allows you to utilize a smaller cover that won’t look ridiculous on the smaller item, and also get more use out of your existing runner.

* * * * *

All bespoke printing from Celina Tent should be allowed a full 10 days for manufacturing, excluding the time to approve any images or artwork. Our graphics department can turn your logo or desired image or pattern into a runner to fit any need. If you’re after a specific look, feel free to download one of our product templates and design it on your own! Questions and comments about Table Runner or any other Celina Tent product can be sent to [email protected].