A Look Forward: Master Series Marquees to Arrive in the UK

At Celina, we aren’t deaf to the common complaints that plague the average hire service. Classic Series Frame Canopies are made to be simple to use, but certain aspects can become tedious. Primarily, each fabric marquee top has a series of alligator straps along the inside edge of the fabric to attach the top and keep it from disconnecting. And by series, we mean a SERIES. Each strap is spaced at about 76 cm (30 inches), which can really start to become time consuming as you start reach frame marquees with larger perimeters and more and more straps to connect.

Luckily we have a canopy that solves this exactly problem (not to mention a few others)! Closely related to our Classic Series is the Master Series Frame Marquee, soon to be available from our UK Distribution Center.


Both being frame designs, the Classic Series and Master Series do have a lot in common:

Framework Hardware

All of the hardware, from tubing to fittings to fasteners, is interchangeable between the two styles. The only exception is the base plates listed below. The West Coast Style Frame System makes stocking both series very easy.


All frame marquees can be described as free-standing since the top and framework assembly can be fulling constructed without relying on the anchoring system to remain upright (unlike pole canopies, which will fall without the tension afforded by the guy lines and stakes). The final anchoring, commonly ratchet straps that connect fitting locations on the perimeter tubing to stakes, is exactly the same and is the final step to the installation process.


That being said, the improvements that the Master Series brings can be laid out in three interconnected concepts:

Valance Shape

You most striking visuals that you’ll notice are the valance shapes. The valance refers to the portion of the fabric top that falls directly down from the eave; normally cut in a scalloped design, the Master Series has a series of catenary curves. Catenary curves are the symmetrical shape most often observed in a hanging wire or chain being pulled by gravity. This uniform flow allows for tension placed on the curve to pull the fabric in a uniform way.

The Base Plate

Master Series Base Plates are very similar to the standard base plate, with an additional piece of tubing the juts up from the base. This second tub protrusion has two uses: first, this allows you to stake the base plate as the first part of your anchoring, and the protrusion also has a hook for attaching a ratchet strap. More on that in the next section.

Fabric Attachment

As we mentioned previously, the fabric attachment is the main difference that you’re going to noticed when you set up your first Master Series. The top interior will still have the rope line. You will notice, however, that the line of alligator clips is missing! This is because of the catenary curve valance design; there are an additional set of 1” (2.54 cm) wide straps that are attached to the fabric top, extending down to attach to the Master Series Base Plates. These straps pull the top evenly, connect it to the base of each leg, and compress the framework all at the same time to create a fast, easy, and stable assembly. It should be noted that the standard ratchet guy lines, which connect the marquee to stakes in the ground, still need to be attached. These straps are 2” (50.8 cm) wide.

We hope you’re as excited as we are at this new addition to our European offering! IF you have any questions about our Master Series Frame Tents, you can visit our US site for more information, or as always we can be reached by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 115 794 0041.