A Confident Choice - Celina Tent and the BPMA

“Sales” is always a tricky business. It’s difficult at times not to come off as pushy when trying to advertise your product, and finding your niche is everything. That’s not even touching on the views from the buyer’s end of the transaction. Who do you buy from? Are they a decent company? How do you know? Celina Tent has become a member of the BPMA, or British Promotional Merchandise Association, in order to help assuage any doubts that potential customers may have.

The Players

Obviously, you’ve found our blog so there is some chance that you’ve seen or heard of us already. Celina Tent is a premiere event and party tent distributor located in Celina, Ohio, USA. Having been a tent hire company for many years, we eventually found that sourcing quality products was a severe aggravation and transitioned into manufacturing fabric products and sourcing only the best additional event merchandise.

Today we have two major production facilities and employees spanning the globe, all working to create a one-stop shop for companies needing to promote a brand or launch a new product, or other tent hire business looking to get their name out into the market. We’ve pioneered processes to make printed materials – from banners to pop up canopies, flags to table covers – as easy to order as stock, in-the-box items.

The BPMA is a trade organization that advocates for the best business practices among all of its members in order to inspire confidence, not just in its customers but in members as well. With more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, they have assembled a group of promotional companies that hold customer care and professionalism in the highest regard.

Who We Are, Together

By teaming up with the BPMA, you can be assured that we will provide top-quality service to all of our customers. Every company has to spend time building their company-to-customer rapport, and any failing can shatter months and even years’ worth of a good reputation. At Celina Tent, we feel that we’ve earn the positive feedback we get. It’s through our commitment to the customer that we’ve reached the quality standards we tout to this day.

We’re held to these guarantees, as well. Members are required to abide by the BPMA’s Code of Conduct, stating many practices such as:

  • No member can demonstrate or represent products in a deceptive or misleading manner.

  • Members comply with any decision reached by the BPMA Board or committee when dealing with BPMA regulations, or face expulsion from the BPMA.

  • Members are responsible not only for their own conduct, but the conduct of supply chain partners and contracts. We take responsibility for working only with quality businesses.

So the next time you wonder if we’re the company for you, take a quick glance at the BPMA website and see for yourself the standards we hold dear. If you have any further questions, or want to peruse our stock of tents and event products, visit GetTent.co.uk and chat with us in the window at the lower right hand corner. We’re here for you!